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 For me the traditional lapish art appears as the greatest
source of inspiration. I was born in the 30-ies, where the
lapish language and tradition were living in another manner
as in our time.
Nature always has inspired me. I was born at Tuorpons
Hamlet near the mountain lake of Karats. Higher up rises the Mountain Farforita, magic and mighty. In the large forest are Bears, lynx and wolves.
 A mountain-lake is the pearl of the landscape. I sat by the
Side of the lake many times, listening to the call of the
Black throated diver over glassy surface of water. I laid on my Back and saw the golden eagle soaring above in the blue and White skies.
 During long autumn nights I listened to legends and songs,
Which my ancestors have created in their language.
Consequently it isn’t so strange that my most well known
Products is the “salt-ptarmigan”, a little horn-sculpture, made
From the front spine of the reindeer-antler. It is inspired from
The ptarmigan and the lapish sacrifice idols.
 This horn-ptarmigan has been the soured of inspiration when a
Similar  “salt-ptarmigan” has been made in pewter.
Lars Pirak